Webity Standard

Webity Standard is perfect for:

s Company websites, Franchises, Distributors, Manufacturers, Entrepreneurs
s Providing information about products, services, contacts ... .
s Home and small business owners, sales people, associations, regional government.
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Price: from 18,29 € + VAT per month
You can subscribe Webity Standard for the period of 12, 6 or 3 months.
Incl. graphic designs, content management system, webhosting

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Features in Webity Standard:

s Number of users - 1
s Disk Space 500MB
s Monthly data Transfer 10000MB
s Easy build your own website
s Professional pre-loaded designs
s Easy-to-use Word Style Editor
s Website structure creating and editing
s Unlimited number of webpages
s Picture/file upload
s Free yourwebsite.webity.eu domain   name
s More than 250 stock images available
s Support for Search Engine Optimization

s Websites accesible in Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer
s Quick to use
s UNICODE support
s Statistics
s Photo Galleries
s Site map
s Articles and news, comments
s Fulltext search
s Guest book
s Show content from ...
s Redirect
s Custom Feedback Form
s Forwarding of yourwebsite.webity.eu to your own domain
Technical parameters and backup Support
  • Webhosting on powerful server Intel Pentium IV 3.0 GHz HT, 2 GB RAM
  • Server is located in datacenter with aircondition, backup power supply and nonstop monitoring.
  • RAID, daily backup on separated disc fields in the datacenter, backup on the second geographically separated disc field outside the datacenter
  • * Data recovery of the website is paid service, data backup is used for the case of server failure as a whole.
  • Email
  • Orders through e-mail and telephone
  • Monthly software updates and news to your e-mail
  • Online manual and forum (soon available)
Supported technologies
  • XHTML, CSS, MySQL, Php

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