Create your e-shop using MS Excel data!

13.05.2007, 13:18, webity

If you have the Products Price Lists in XLS (Microsoft Excel) file format, you can easily import these into the website. You can update the existing price list data the same way - just update the data in XLS file and then import a new price list into the website and your e-shop is updated within a few minutes!

  • The file, however, has to be in CSV format. You may export your data into this format like this: select the "Save as" menu item in the File menu. Then as the "File Type" you select "CSV separated by hyphens" in MS Excel.
  • The order of the columns should be the following: stock number (product code), product name, short description, longer description, price, tax in percents, currency (e.g. EUR, USD), Discount, number of pieces in the stock , main photo, photo no. 2, photo no. 3,... etc.
  • The Product name in the table must be filled in (the second column of the table).
  • The Product Identifier is the "Stock Number" - it is the first column of the CSV table. If the Stock Number is identical to an existing product stock number in the database, the product will be updated with the new data.
  • You may download the sample CSV file from this address (click on it with the right mouse button and choose the Save file as... menu option).
  • The products in the table must not contain a semicolon ";" . Replace all the semicolons in the document (Ctrl+H) with commas
  • The products in the table must not contain a new line character. Use the "<br/>" HTML tag instead of a newline character,
  • If you use lists in the text, use the <li> and <ul> tags. Sample text in a list:
Product Properties:<br/>
<li>green colour</li>
<li>good quality</li>
<li>material 100% cotton</li>
Put the whole text containing the list into one cell and one line in Excel.
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